Welcome to Aim Training South West, the home of firearms & air gun training - and an 80 metre air gun range!


If you, your son or daughter are looking for any of the following:


• To ‘get into’ air gun shooting and would like to be introduced to the sport?

• Would like to join an airgun club?

• Shoot your air rifle on our range up to 80 metres?

• Looking for an after-school, school holiday or birthday activity?

• Need to zero your air rifle in our ‘wind free’ lanes?

• Currently have a rimfire rifle and want to progress up to a centrefire calibre?

• Required by your local police authority to attend an introduction to Firearms Awareness & Safety course

• Would like further training on air rifles, rimfires and full-bore firearms?

• Are you interested in competitive F-Class Field Target shooting up to 1000 yards?

• Want to understand the rules and etiquette of F-Class shooting and be introduced to this discipline?

• Ever been tricked by cross-winds and want to understand how to read the wind for more accurate shooting?



We offer introductory and further training courses for air rifles, firearms and competitive air gun and full-bore Field Target range shooting. The facilities are also perfect for airgun club use, after-school & holiday activities.


Aim Training can help! Give us a call on 01458 253700 or pop in for a friendly chat.



Here is the Air Gun Show's take on our range...



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